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Expertise and experience

In order to remain on the cutting edge Sonia continues to learn and research various modalities in this field. She is a Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner for Companion Animals and has undergone formal canine hydrotherapy training in the UK. She is certified Level 3 (required to operate a hydrotherapy facility in the UK), has ABC Accredited Certification in Canine Hydrotherapy and is a registered Member of the (CHA) The Canine Hydrotherapy Association.

This association regulates canine hydrotherapy pools operating in the UK and abroad and ensures they abide by quality standards and provide a professional, caring service.

Sonia has gained her practical experience with three CHA regulated hydrotherapy referral centres in the UK. In 2007 she completed her studies in craniosacral therapy, and in 2014 in the UK as well, she obtains her Post Graduate Diploma in veterinary physiotherapy for small and large animals.

Over the last 15 years, she has continued to study and accumulate new knowledge in an effort to develop a more cohesive approach, integrating several compatible methods obtaining even more convincing results. This unique gentle and effective approach, which up until now has been known and talked about in a rather generic way, deserved and now bears its own identity since early 2018 :

The Flow4 approach, a harmonious solution tailored for each animal, its needs, and its specific circumstances!