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TELLINGTON TTOUCH is a gentle method of training and improving well being. It is made up of specific circular touches combined with a series of movements & exercises allowing reorganization of motion pattern. These allow for detection & release of tension, fear, pain and discomfort which limit cooperation and influence behavior.

TTouch creates an environment in which the animal learns to act rather than react. This results in:

  • A deeper mutual understanding between human & animal
  • A more willing & consistent performance¬†
  • More supple movement
  • An animal who can focus and concentrate
  • Greater coordination & improved balance

TTOUCH is widely used, in complement with veterinary treatment to speed up healing following injury or illness. Not only does TTouch encourage optimal performance and health, it also presents solutions to common physical and behavioral problems such as:

  • fear of thunder/loud noises/people/dogs/grooming/vet
  • leash pulling
  • car sickness/agitation
  • constant barking
  • separation anxiety
  • aggression
  • timidity
  • discomforts and difficulties of inevitable aging in a wide variety of species

In fact Tellington TTouch is being used by pet owners and professionals - groomers, pet sitters, trainers, behaviorists, breeders, vets, vet technicians, competitors in agility, obedience & tracking - and helps them deal with some of the more difficult circumstances of their respective areas of activity.

Through TTouch, you may well discover that "that's just the way he is" or "he likes to..." are not in fact true, and that your animal companion may indeed be able to change some of the habits you both thought you just had to live with!