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The Team

GINETTE GRIGNON - Canine Hydrotherapist

Animal Behavior Practitioner, Tellington TTouch Practitioner Lv.1, Reiki initiated 1 and 2 (animals & humans).

Passionate about animals, she always knew that she would work with them. Her concern for the respect and well-being of animals led her to want to learn the profession of hydrotherapist and she loves to work with our 4-legged clients. The opportunity to participate and contribute to each small and great progress that the animal makes is her greatest source of satisfaction.Animotion's client in 2012, with her chocolate labrador Kachou who suffered from osteoarthritis (he kept his good form, comfort and mobility until the age of 15), Ginette was specially trained at Animotion and joined the team in May 2013. It is now her 7-year-old chocolate lab Watson's turn to benefit from hydrotherapy.Adopted by Ginette in 2018, Watson has light dysplasia of the left hip and joint laxity in the tarsi. Ginette and Watson are working hard in the pool, to maintain his muscle mass to preserve his joints, prevent sprains, and slow the degeneration of his hip.Ginette is pursuing TTouch for horses training and other trainings as well to further deepen her knowledge of the animal world.

CHANTAL LEFEBVRE - Canine Hydrotherapist

Tellington TTouch Practitioner Lvl.1, Reiki initiated 1 and 2 (animals).

Chantal has always loved the company of animals, but everything really started with her Grande Dame, Violette, a Great Dane who was suffering from extreme anxiety. After trying various avenues, she finally discovered the Tellington TTouch Method. This changed everything for her big dog and herself.  Chantal is very proud to know that she is involved in improving the quality of life of clients with whom she works, whether they are 4 leggged or 2.  She knows very well that having a pet that has difficulties, is a source of worry and stress for his humans.  Chantal became involved with Animotion as a client in 2015. Violette suffered from tendonitis in her hind legs. Seeing the benefits of this modality in her dog Chantal was keen to learn more. She was specially trained at Animotion and joined the team in the summer of 2016.  Her passion for animals of all kinds has resulted in a house full of animals... 3 lizards (2 Bearded Dragons and 1 Uromastix Ornata), 3 rabbits and 2 young dogs of giant breeds. Illyana is a St. Bernard (born April 2018) who at the age of 5 months was diagnosed with dysplasia of both hips, in addition to suffering from severe hyper laxity of the tarsi. She swims at Animotion every week to overcome the effects of these conditions and ensure her mobility, quality of life and optimal longevity. There is also Lockjaw, a young English Mastiff (born in August 2018), who is entitled to a hydrotherapy session every week. Lockjaw has no health problems. He just swims to have a nice balanced muscle mass.  Interested in "holistic" approaches, Chantal is pursuing TTouch training for horses among other things. It is a priority for her to broaden and deepen her knowledge of body work in both animals and humans.

GAËLLE TARRAGA - Canine Hydrotherapist

Gaëlle is also an Animal Behavior Practitioner. She is currently undergoing a Tellington TTouch training for companion animals and participates in many training courses in the canine field to deepen her knowledge. A client of the center since 2009 to help her dog Moka with her severe dysplasia of 4 limbs (hips & elbows), Gaëlle fell in love with the canine world and the profession of hydrotherapist. She joined the Animotion team in the spring of 2017. She pursues this passion in addition to her full-time job and being mom of two girls, ages 5 and 8.


Suzanne Saint-Martin - Therapist Aid/Volunteer

A long time friend, Suzanne has been volunteering her time at Animotion ever since its beginnings in 2006.   A great animal lover, her backyard is a safe haven for a wide variety of feathered friends; squirrels can always find food in difficult climates; needy cats as well; and inside, her two beautiful Kerry Blue Terriers have all the care and love they could ask for. For several years Suzanne participated in cat shows and subsequently had great success in conformation with her Kerry Blue Terrier Lofty. Suzanne has always been a great help and one of the few people I trust to take care for my animals when I am away. We all hope she will be able continue with Animotion for a long time. Thank you for all that you do Suzanne! I'm very grateful.